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SOLUS Product Info


The SOLUS Product App is a digital product catalogue for our customers to use on their devices.You will find company information and contact details but the App is mainly focused around the products. The user can get a text description, view product images and watch videos. The main feature allows the user to view the products in their facility using Augmented Reality models.
Under each product (where product scale permits) there is an AR button. When you tap this it opens the camera and you scan the AR target. Targets are located on our company business cards, for viewing product models small scale and on a specially designed poster that we distribute at conferences.
The poster target is scaled to allow the App to show the product in near real scale and the idea with this is that you can place the poster target on the floor in a place that you are thinking of locating the product. Place the poster on the floor, scan the target and you will see how the product could look in your building.
If you don't have AR targets but would like to use this feature, the App will prompt you to contact us via email and we'll send you image files of the targets to print locally.
We hope you enjoy using the App.